The Independent Publishers' Alliance


The Independent Publishers' Alliance was set up in 2013 by Honest Publishing,

and quickly joined by Bluemoose Books, Pighog Press, Reality Street,

Shearsman Books, Nightjar Press, Murder Slim Press, Etruscan Books and Unthank Books. The publishers in the alliance are proud to share the ethos of publishing original, innovative writing.


What do we stand for?

We stand for true independent publishing and we aim to publish the best, and sometimes unheralded, talent from around the world.


Through combined marketing and promotion, the Independent Publishers' Alliance aims to combine the reach of its members, ensuring their literature is accessible and known to all.


Keep an eye out for our titles at your local bookshop or library and help keep the
spirit of the independent alive.







"Does my present world suck? Like a gaping chest wound. But it's all part of the ride. There's no sense in crying about it; nobody likes a whiny bank robber. If you like what you read, please buy my books. I need money for tuna fish for Whitey and his crew. They're eating me out of house and home. If I get any poorer I'll be down eating sparrows with The Chinaman." "Nobody likes a poor bank robber either. Especially me." Jeffrey Frye, Bank Blogger.

In 2012, Murder Slim Press received an unsolicited submission called "Prison Prose" from a notorious bank robber named Jeffrey Frye. What has followed is a long standing correspondance with Frye and's Bloggie-nominated Bank Robber's Blog. Bank Blogger is the first of numerous books that will collect stories unavailable on the Bank Robber's Blog, and provide you with the ultimate introduction to everyone's favourite felon.


How to Buy:

The book can be ordered from Murder Slim's online shop, and


Bank Blogger by Jeffrey Frye, ISBN 9781291577846, £8.95