Monthly Archives: January 2014

Extract from Captivity by Lander Hawes

Captivity by Lander Hawes was our fourth novel and published in April 2012.   In Captivity, Josh Haddon is an actor who knows what it’s like to be ‘resting.’ That is until he lands a role in the blockbuster movie ‘The End of the Ocean.’ Without pre-amble or preparation he is now part of that… Read more »

The Unthology Interviews: Marc Owen Jones

    How does it feel to be an Unthologist?   It’s like being in an exclusive club full of talented people and wondering whether your invite was sent to you by mistake.   Why submit to Unthology – what does the series mean for you?   As a product of the Unthank School (USW),… Read more »

The Unthank School of Writing Online Pedigree and Student Testimonials

Although our ‘Becoming a Writer: An Introduction to Prose Fiction’ online course, taught by Dr. Steve Carver, is a new and original course, it has a very distinguished pedigree. The Unthank School of Writing Online Teaching Programme has actually grown, and, in fact, directly leads from a very successful run of online creative writing courses… Read more »