Monthly Archives: June 2014

Without Vegas I’m Nothing

Sharon Zink on how Las Vegas inspired Welcome to Sharonville I would never have written my novel, Welcome to Sharonville, if I hadn’t gone to Vegas. I wouldn’t have written at all if it wasn’t for Sin City, in fact. For mythology’s sake, I’d like to say I won my literary career – such as… Read more »

Cultural Imperialism

Lilie Ferrari, tutor of our An Introduction to Writing TV Drama discusses the problems of borrowing too heavily from American models of storytelling. American culture, it has been argued, is becoming world culture. It’s tempting for writers to use the template with which they are most familiar, and for many of us in Europe, that… Read more »

Rebecca McManus

We cannot describe how devastated and distraught we were to hear yesterday that our friend and volunteer Rebecca McManus had died. It is utterly unconscionable that anyone should die so young and in such circumstances. Rebecca was a smart, generous, warm and wonderful person, a talented young writer with a huge potential and her whole… Read more »