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Graeme Finnie on ‘Power Surge’ and the Milgram Experiment

‘Power Surge’ (Unthology 6) is a fictional treatment of a psychological experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram, a professor of Psychology at Yale University in the early 1960s. As a psychologist Milgram wanted to understand what makes us obey. In the base form of his experiment an instructor ordered volunteers to give electric shocks to an… Read more »

The Unthology Interviews

John D Rutter and Andrew Oldham have a chat about Unthology 5 AO: What attracted you to write short fiction? JR: I love that a story can be read in one sitting and that a first draft can (often) be written in one go. Also there’s the fantastic property that short story has of illuminating… Read more »

Advanced TV Writing Workshop with Lilie Ferrari

Become Part of the Ever-Growing Story Advanced TV Drama Workshop with Lilie Ferrari New Session Starts February 23rd 2015 Ever fancied trying your hand at writing for TV? Are you interested in the way that soap opera and popular drama draws from contemporary issues and how they affect real people? Are you excited by the… Read more »