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The Unthology Interviews

Elaine Chiew Talks to Debz Hobbs-Wyatt about short story writing and Unthology 7 ELAINE: To start us off, tell us a bit about your writing environment. Where do you write best, what time, and what writing implements are critical? What view faces your writing ‘desk’? DEBZ: I do my writing in the mornings. I am… Read more »

Introducing Unthology 7

We are proud to announce the publication of UNTHOLOGY 7, the latest in our series showcasing the finest short fiction from new and established writers. Wonderful and Frightening Short Fiction from New and Established Writers Flinch at the things that twitch in the windows a mile up from the city streets. Let text messages lead… Read more »

The Unthology Interviews

Alex Plasatis Talks to Georgina Parfitt about ‘This is How Danger Approaches Me’. Alex: Your story reminded me of a some rare moments when I happened to be sitting near someone who’s older than me, someone I hardly knew, and they revealed to me their inner thoughts without being embarrassed at all, almost as if… Read more »