Monthly Archives: October 2016

The End: Ailsa Cox on Writing Coup de Grace

Ailsa Cox talks about how she wrote her story, Coup de Grace, which appears in The End: Fifteen Endings to Fifteen Paintings: Short Fiction Inspired by the Artwork of Nicolas Ruston, edited by Ashley Stokes When, in summer 2015, the writers were asked to select a paintings, I knew the one I wanted straight away…. Read more »

The End Interviews: Jonathan Taylor Talks to Zoe Lambert

Jonathan Taylor asks the questions as Zoe Lambert talk about how she wrote her story ‘Chaconne in G Minor’ for The End: Fifteen Endings to Fifteen Paintings. JT: Like all the other stories in “The End,” your story, “Chaconne in G Minor,” opens with one of Nicolas Ruston’s paintings. In fact, the painting pre-dates your story:… Read more »

New Title: The Glass Mother by Rosie Jackson

NEW AND DUE FROM UNTHANK 1st. NOVEMBER 2016 THE GLASS MOTHER by Rosie Jackson With autumn under way, we’re leaving holiday reading and dreamy fictions behind us, getting back to school and reality with this riveting, poignant memoir. Rosie was a rising star in the academic firmament in her twenties, working at Norwich’s dear UEA… Read more »