Welcome to the New Unthank Website


‘ Suddenly we’ve realised it’s a few years since Unthank Books launched (well four years in Feb ’14 to be exact) and we thought we ought to mark the occasion by treating one of our oldest friends to a little refreshment. The friend in question is good old www.unthankbooks.com, the very website you’re reading this on now and without whom none of this would be possible.


“None of what would be possible?” you might possibly ask.


We’d have to explain, “Publishing literary fiction and non-fiction that we think the famous publishing houses overlook in their rush to service their continually expanding bottom-lines.”

“A laudable aim, but quite a nebulous statement and how do you prove you’re doing that?” you might reply. Rightly.


Here we’d probably lower our heads, blush, and mumble something like, “Check out our website and we hope this gives you a better idea.”


Alas, such is what passes for a literary exchange these days….


Anyway, with all this in mind, here we are with a nicer online bookshop to get hold of said books of nebulous statement; a blog space where we can allow our existing, future and potential authors post some of their writing as tasters; and what we think is a spruced-up look all round.


It’s only polite to point out to a friend that they look in need of a break, isn’t it, and we hope our dear website appreciates its mini-makeover. We hope you do too and will come back to visit us again and again. Or at least again. When you do visit it would of course be wonderful if you saw fit to buy one or more of our publications as we are unfortunately unable to register as a charity yet, though we think that would be a great idea.


The Unthank School of Writing website (www.unthankschool.com) has just had similar treatment to this one and you’ll find links on each to each other for maximum ‘surf-ease.’

As the Introduction to UNTHOLOGY 4, which we publish on 1st. November 2013, you’ll find a much funnier and yet hard-hitting statement of intent from us entitled ‘Ismism.’ It’s written by a real Unthank writer, not just our Publisher. We’ll be making the most of this from here on in on of course (posters, t shirts, mugs, key-rings, pens, sides of buses, zeppelins, wallpaper…)


It is, after all, the writing not the commerce that counts.’


Robin Jones, Publisher, Unthank Books.