Ken Edwards


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ISBN: 978-1-910061-24-4

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 230

Published: 1st November 2015




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Jobless, young Dennis Chaikowsky is house-sitting for his parents in the back end of nowhere, near a nuclear power station on the coast. His attempts at musical composition are stymied by his complicated relationship with his Neo-Marxist poet friend, city-dweller Tarquin, his sexual obsession with Alison, a.k.a Wanda, who works in the power station by day and is a singer by night, and his fear and awe of her rock musician husband Severin. It's an unsustainable comedy, but the world outside, natural and unnatural, described in Edwards' unnerving prose, doesn't care.


"Really a great sustained resilient and berserk piece of work." Fanny Howe on Nostalgia for Unknown Cities (published as Down With Beauty)






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Praise for COUNTRY LIFE:

"Hypnagogic derangement as the urban dream dissolves before our eyes."

-- Iain Sinclair, The Observer