Charles Dickens
Completed by David Madden

Price: £15 +p&p

ISBN: 978-0-9564223-3-0

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 466

Published: 3rd August 2015

Edition: 2nd Edition

1st Ed. Published: 1st October 2011



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n 2012, Unthank Books published David Madden’s masterful suggested ending of Dicken’s unfinished last novel. Since then readers all over the world have been discovering what might have happened to poor Edwin. Was his uncle Jasper responsible? Was the necktie or Rosa’s ring the chief clue? Was mesmerism really involved?


With a gorgeous new jacket for this edition including original artwork by Gracie Carver, based on the famous Luke Fildes illustration, THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD completed by David Madden is sure to continue to offer the true Dickensian vision of this classic.


“David Madden’s continuation must be regarded as one of the very best conclusions of the mystery to date. He magically recreates the tone and atmosphere of the original novel as he weaves together the threads Dickens left behind – producing a first-rate ending that remains faithful to both the existing fragment and its author.”


- Professor Don Richard Cox, doyen of Droodian studies, and author of the Annotated Bibliography






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"[David Madden] has written a second half about as long as the first half, broken it into instalments - as did Dickens – to keep up the tension, and made a brave effort to imitate Dickens' style. Thoroughly readable and, sometimes, powerful."

-- Merryn Williams, The Oxford Times.