Rosie Jackson


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ISBN: 978-1-910061-36-7
Genre: Biography
Pages: 304

Published: 1st November 2016




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Memoir of literary life at famous University of East Anglia, estrangement from son, and personal search for meaning leading to Indian spiritual master Meher Baba.

Peppered with snapshots of Germaine Greer, Roger Deakin, Lorna Sage, Elspeth Barker, Angus Wilson, Christopher Bigsby et al., THE GLASS MOTHER illuminates the literary life of the university that gave birth to the world’s fi rst creative writing course and famously Ian McEwen, Kazuo Ishiguro and WG Sebald among many others. Working at the University of East Anglia alongside Malcolm Bradbury and Lorna Sage, Rosie Jackson, in her twenties, was racing towards the top of the academic ladder. But success, she discovered, came at too great a cost: estrangement from her son. THE GLASS MOTHER is also an intimate account of soul-searching and survival which takes us into the world of the revered Indian spiritual master Meher Baba. THE GLASS MOTHER is a deeply personal, fearlessly honest memoir which defi es intellectual fashion and questions our glittering aspirations.








‘An intense recall of a life passionately lived with vivid dialogue and pointed humour’. Dame Gillian Beer