The Independent Publishers' Alliance


The Independent Publishers' Alliance was set up in 2013 by Honest Publishing,

and quickly joined by Bluemoose Books, Pighog Press, Reality Street,

Shearsman Books, Nightjar Press, Murder Slim Press, Etruscan Books and Unthank Books. The publishers in the alliance are proud to share the ethos of publishing original, innovative writing.


What do we stand for?

We stand for true independent publishing and we aim to publish the best, and sometimes unheralded, talent from around the world.


Through combined marketing and promotion, the Independent Publishers' Alliance aims to combine the reach of its members, ensuring their literature is accessible and known to all.


Keep an eye out for our titles at your local bookshop or library and help keep the
spirit of the independent alive.






by John Hall


Etruscan Books £12.50 (in advance of publication)


A companion selection to John Hall's previously published else where, one that revisits the earlier collections without repeating a single poem, and that draws fully on subsequent publications and unpublished poetry.


A selection can act as a keepsake: a metonymic souvenir for a missing whole, that can itself be something of a whole. But what can this whole be? An assemblage of syllables missing both the full silence of not writing and the fullness of a copious speech that always expects a reply? An attempted reconciliation with all those missing others whose voices and writings feed into the unquenchable source of a spectral language, always full of what it misses? A call and recall, as though this keepsake, these selected keepsakes, keep calling out and calling back, missing in the necessary non-reply all the faces that speak and spoke, the bodies with skin, exceeding language: companions, strangers.


Keepsache, 96 pages, to be published in 2013