Nick Sweeney

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ISBN: 978-0-9564223-2-3

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 226

Published: 1st April 2011



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olan Kennedy is a young American teaching English in Istanbul and hanging out with his alcoholic friend Don Darius. Don might also be the greatest living American novelist judging by the script Kennedy finds in Don's trash. But Don has left town and Kennedy had better find him and persuade him to get serious about the book before Don decides to get serious about the vodka.







"Sweeney is a special writer; erudite and cosmopolitan, simultaneously clever yet warm, droll yet melancholy. Laikonik Express has a range of references and obsessions that are much broader and more intriguing than those found in most contemporary novels. It is a meditative comedy, and also a great read."

-- Geoff Nicholson.


"Nick Sweeney's Laikonik Express is one of those rare things: a debut novel that is both original and immediately recognisable as a work of true voice."

-- Lee Rourke.