The Independent Publishers' Alliance


The Independent Publishers' Alliance was set up in 2013 by Honest Publishing,

and quickly joined by Bluemoose Books, Pighog Press, Reality Street,

Shearsman Books, Nightjar Press, Murder Slim Press, Etruscan Books and Unthank Books. The publishers in the alliance are proud to share the ethos of publishing original, innovative writing.


What do we stand for?

We stand for true independent publishing and we aim to publish the best, and sometimes unheralded, talent from around the world.


Through combined marketing and promotion, the Independent Publishers' Alliance aims to combine the reach of its members, ensuring their literature is accessible and known to all.


Keep an eye out for our titles at your local bookshop or library and help keep the
spirit of the independent alive.







Take that whiskey bottle off the floor and stub that cigarette on your arm. One Last Cigarette, Dockery's second collection, is a bruising encounter with husbands, lovers and family, bodies and permanence. This is poetry with an edge; tender, harsh and bone-crafted words sifted through and pumped out of a nicotine heart, addict words, bleeding. One Last Cigarette is mesmerizing, reverberates our explosive, unexplored lives back at us. It's brilliant and unforgettable. Read it! - Meg Tuite, author of Bound by Blue. To buy, click here.


One Last Cigarette by Mary Stone Dockery, ISBN 9780957142749, £9.99