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UNTHOLOGY showcases the work of new or established writers and can include short stories of any length, reportage, essays or novel extracts from anywhere in the world. UNTHOLOGY allows space for stories of different styles and subjects to rub up against each other. It features the classic slice-of-life well told just as much as the experimental, the shocking and strange.


Unthology 9 will be published in July 2016.


Unthology is published twice a year. We accept submissions that fit the criteria above all year round, though we do ask writers to send in only one story every six months. Potential contributors are asked to have a look at earlier UNTHOLOGIES before submitting (all are available at a very reasonable price for Kindle).


Please email submissions to unthology@unthankbooks.com, with covering note and personal contact details.





Praise for Unthology No.1:

“ . . . all the stories in Unthology are enjoyable and well-written, with some unique voices emerging. The collection keeps its promises: this is a varied, well put-together collection showcasing some interesting writers in an unrestricted and playful place.”

-- Mira Mattar, THE SHORT REVIEW.


Praise for Unthology No.2:

“Overall this is a great showcase for up and coming writers and it gives you everything a short story collection should. Great writing, different styles and a chance to be shocked, saddened and entertained.”

-- Simon Quicke, INSIDE BOOKS

Praise for Unthology No.3:

"The first anthology I’ve read in which there wasn’t a single story I despised."



Praise for Unthology No.4: Unthologies

“These are beginning to creep up my list of most anticipating releases of the year. Highly recommended”



Praise for Unthology No.5:

"Unthology 5 says something true about today’s world, says it with interest and skill, and you should read it, soon."



Praise for Unthology No.6:

"A beacon of hope for the short story genre"



Praise for Unthology No.7:

'Loved it, loved it, loved it. What they possibly do in Unthology 8?’