Edited by Robin Jones

Price: £12+p&p

ISBN: 978-0-9564223-1-6

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 222

Published: 1st December 2010




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THOLOGY NO.1 is the first in a series dedicated to showcasing unconventional, unpredictable and experimental stories. Containing seventeen pieces by brand new as well as established authors, this is a hard-hitting, hilarious and entertaining collection. Inside you will encounter a motley crew of animals, objects and even humans. These are tales that inject fresh venom into the shorter form.


The Unthologists

Viccy Adams | Sandra Jensen | Mischa Hiller | CD Rose | Melinda Moore | James Carter | Lora Stimson | Martin Pond | Deborah Arnander | Sherilyn Connelly | Sarah Dobbs | Jenni Fagan | Maggie Ling | Tessa West | Karen Whiteson | Ashley Stokes | Michael Baker






Praise for UNTHOLOGY No.1:

"The art of short stories is very much alive and kicking."

-- Eastern Daily Press.