Edited by

Robin Jones & Ashley Stokes

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Genre: Fiction

Pages: 218

Published: 1st November 2011




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THOLOGY No. 2 is the second of Unthank Books’ annual collection of unpredictable, unconventional short fiction. Like its predecessor, UNTHOLOGY No. 2 showcases established writers on great form and introduces exciting new voices. Its thirteen stories depend upon choices voluntary or otherwise, incarcerations and manic episodes and moments of doubt and transcendence. These are resonant tales for anxious times.


The Unthologists

Joshua Allen | Sarah Evans | Shanta Everington | Paul A. Green | Lander Hawes | Ian Madden | Melissa Mann | M. Pinchuk | Stephanie Reid | Ashley Stokes | Nick Sweeney | Tessa West | Charles Wilkinson






Praise for UNTHOLOGY No.2:

"Overall this is a great showcase for up and coming writers and it gives you everything a short story collection should. Great writing, different styles and a chance to be shocked, saddened and entertained."

--Simon Quicke, INSIDE BOOKS.