Edited by

Robin Jones & Ashley Stokes

Price: £12+p&p

ISBN: 978-0-9572897-0-3

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 228

Published: 9th November 2012




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THOLOGY No. 3 is the third of Unthank Book's series showcasing the finest short fiction from new and established writers. Like its predecessors, UNTHOLOGY No.3 lets the classic short story jostle for elbowroom with the formally unusual and the novelette. Its eighteen stories describe sticky predicaments, testing choices and reluctant confessions: a publisher surveys the changing literary scene as an age-old mob war he's losing; a man is trapped by his own perfectionism in a forbidding meat-processing factory; a strange black monolith appears in a back garden somewhere in the north of England. Lit-up tales for dark times.


The Unthologists

AJ Ashworth | Ian Chung | Gordon Collins | Sarah Dobbs | Sarah Evans | Mischa Hiller | Debz Hobbs-Wyatt | Sandra Jensen | Philip Langeskov | Tim Mitchell | John Nicholson | Angela Readman | CD Rose | David Rose | Ashley Stokes | Charles Wilkinson | Sharon Zink






Praise for UNTHOLOGY No.3:

"The first anthology I’ve read in which there wasn’t a single story I despised."



Praise for UNTHOLOGY No.3:

"The entire publication was a welcome escape from reality, or in some cases a look at reality through new eyes, and I sincerely hope that there will be a fourth addition to this series in the future."