Edited by

Robin Jones & Ashley Stokes


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ISBN: 978-0-9572897-4-1

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 194

Published: 1st November 2013




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THOLOGY 4 continues Unthank Books’ celebrated series, drawing its energy from the wanderlust and shape-shifting tendencies of the contemporary short story. Its thirteen stories involve cats, crows and angels; moments of realization and moments of doubt; bad moves, wrong turns and trips across the border. A ­ re-scarred war veteran enters the domain of a coked-up yuppie. A blind girl wakes up to ­ nd that the birdsong has ended. A lad on the slide dates a cosseted schoolgirl and ends up teetering on a church roof. Safe-cracking stories by bold and stealthy writers.


The Unthologists

Joshua Allen | Sarah Bower | Carys Bray | Ruby Cowling | Michael Crossan | Sarah Evans | Rodge Glass | Marc Owen Jones | Rowena Macdonald | Aiden O’Reilly | Adrian Slatcher | Barnaby Walsh | Melanie Whipman




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