Edited by

Robin Jones & Ashley Stokes


Price: £9.99+p&p

ISBN: 978-1-910061-00-8

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 157

Published: 27 June 2014




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THANK BOOKS are very proud to announce the publication of UNTHOLOGY 5, the latest in our series showcasing the finest short fiction from new and established writers.


In the latest of our celebrated series, you find yourself surfacing, dazed in the waiting room. You read snatches of lines over the shoulders of raincoats. In the carriage you have glimpses and visions. At your destination you can hear space, see thunder, taste realization. You are running towards something, someone in the trees who holds out to you an understanding hand. Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frightening world of UNTHOLOGY 5.


‘A short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger’. Stephen King.


The Unthologists

Elizabeth Baines | Roelof Bakker | Sarah Bower | Garrie Fletcher | Victoria Heath | Maggie Ling | Mark Mayes | CS Mee |  Andrew Oldham | Angela Readman  |John D Rutter | KS Silkwood | Jose Varghese | Charles Wilkinson