Edited by

Lynne Bryan & Belona Greenwood


Price: £12 +p&p

ISBN: 978-1-9100610-1-5

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 220

Published: 8th March 2014




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ORDS AND WOMEN One is the inaugural showcase collection of short prose by women writers in the East of England. The memoir, fiction and creative non-fiction inside reflects the brilliance and boldness of women's contemporary writing in the regions.


Vivid prose candidly explores every subject imaginable. A daughter discovers decades of infidelity at an exhibition. A young woman faces a terrible diagnosis. A lover mourns her loss through a sensory feast of recollection, and an old man is reminded that the weight of love is exactly 159 mangoes. A child is snared in futuristic sleep, while a life rushes past in a pattern of violence.