Killing Daniel

Daniel was the deaf boy at school in Manchester who had a crush on Fleur until someone crushed the life out of him. When Chinatsu, the Japanese girl joins the school they briefly form an unlikely threesome. As adults, Fleur has been hospitalised by yet another abusive relationship and Chinatsu is sleepwalking through a marriage to the repressive, secretive corporate CEO Yugi Hamagoshi. Will Fleur and Chinatsu be reunited and will they ever be as happy as they were with Daniel? This is a literary thriller that examines two cultures and two women from opposite ends of the world with an unflinching gaze. When the two cultures collide the effect is mesmeric.

Sarah Dobbs is a lecturer in Creative Writing whose work has been published, broadcast and performed by Flax, the BBC, Bolton Octagon and SWAMP Journal.

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Sarah Dobbs


5th November 2012








Unthank Books

Graham Mort, author of Touch (Seren, 2010)


Killing Daniel is an assured debut novel from a young writer who sets parallel worlds in motion and burns them into the reader’s imagination. Possessing an authentic narrative voice and impressive imaginative range, she is as much at home in Tokyo as in the post-industrial North West of England where her story begins.



Her writing is economical, poetic and darkly evocative: perfectly honed to explore the violence and retribution that underpins human affairs in her work, whilst also sustaining a tenuous but unbreakable thread of hope.”