Some of Us Glow More Than Others

A mesmerising collection of short stories focussed on the world of science and technology

Tania Hershman is a former science journalist turned short story phenomenon. Her previous collections have attracted enormous praise and in this one she invites us to sample what life is like at the cutting edge of technology, where the future appears to be rushing ever faster to meet our present. Whether writing about genetics, laboratory etiquette, art and experimentation, or the simplest molecules that make up our myriad world, the stories exude the power of her precision prose. Ranging from poignant cameos and unlikely viewpoints to the most complex decisions humans can make, these extraordinary vignettes gently challenge our world view as we careen toward the unknown and ask us to assess what we wish to retain of ourselves, what to jettison, and what we hope to attain when we get there. Stories from this, her third collection have been heard on Radio 4 and Radio 3.


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Tania Hershman


2 May 2017




Short Fiction

Farrah Jarral, broadcaster and doctor

“This beguiling collection of writing defies categorisation and is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. SOME OF US GLOW MORE THAN OTHERS is like a 21st century Edgar Allen Poe meets Margaret Atwood, with a sprinkling of Ursula Le Guin. The bright and sometimes eerie thread of science runs through it, reminding us of our fundamentally biological nature, and illuminating the boundaries between us an technology.”