Unthology 8

Live on a grand scale. Make deathless art. Scream paint. Sculpt ice. Let it melt and become a dynasty. Tarry with prophets and dreamers. Find joy in danger zones. Quit the stage of history. Tread the boards instead. Take a safari. Take a boat ride to the south of France. Work in the music biz, a chicken shack or cliff- top café. Fall in love, then out of love. Complete the jigsaw puzzle in a tiny room. Find yourself in a prison cell. Become a machine, loveable and servile. Realise that all the time, wherever you have been, whoever you’ve inhabited, you have been in a relationship with everyone there ever was or is yet to come and you can’t do one damn thing about it. Find fellow travellers here. Make friends with UNTHOLOGY 8.

The Unthologists

Victoria Briggs | Kit Caless | Armel Dagorn | Judy Darley | Laura Darling | Sarah Dobbs | Clare Fisher | David Frankel | Rodge Glass | Damon King | Dan Malakin | FC Malby | Amanda Mason | Martin Monahan | André Van Loon | Lara Williams

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Edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones


28 June 2016


Short Fiction






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