Words & Women: Three

Words and Women: Three is the third showcase collection of short prose by women writers in the East of England. The memoir, fiction, and creative non-fiction inside reflect the brilliance, boldness and depth of women’s contemporary writing in the region.

The anthology is an eclectic collection of high quality prose, a rich and vivid read of startling, compelling and moving texts set across the world and close to home. Explore the unexpected: bellydancing in Japan, the collapse of bricks and mortar in an ordinary street in an ordinary town, drugs buried in a Norfolk beet field or sample a still life on Brixton Station. Why does a canary sing in Kabul? What is the significance of the calf born in the snow? Infidelity and revisited virginity, sinister origami and movie-making, the true nature of Jane Austen’s dog and murder in Mexico.

This is a book for the curious. Guest judge Emma Healey, author of ‘Elizabeth is Missing,’ has selected a range of texts that show us what it is to be human.

Ann Abineri | Deborah Arnander | Susan K Burton | Caroline Davison | Sharon Eckman | Sarah Evans | Victoria Hattersley | Danusia Iwaszko | Sara Keene | Julie Kemmy | Isabelle King | Kathy Mansfield | C.G. Menon | Margaret Meyer | Nicola Miller | Antoinette Moses | Patricia Mullin | Glenys Newton | Dani Redd | Sarah Ridgard | Claudine Toutoungi | Louise Tree

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Edited by Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood


08 March 2016


Short Fiction






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