The Unthology Interviews: Carys Bray 14th October 2017 – Posted in: Interviews

We talk to Carys Bray about her Unthology 4 story,  Treasures of Heaven


U: How does it feel to be an Unthologist?

C: It sounds exciting and a bit medical, doesn’t it? I’m really pleased to have a story in Unthology 4. I bought Unthology 3 at the Killing Daniel launch and I enjoyed the stories.

U: Why submit to Unthology? What does the series mean for you?

C: Although I’ve been working on a novel recently, I love short stories. I like the challenge of trying to create something  complete and beautiful in very few words. I was looking for a home for a particular story and I thought (and hoped) that the Unthology  series might be the right place for it.

U: Tell us something about your story, what inspired it and how was the writing  process?

C: I started writing the story a couple of years ago after I went to see the Treasures of Heaven exhibit at the British Museum – that’s the part of the story which is based in fact. At first the narrator was male and the writer in the pub was female but the voices were wrong, so I switched and it was suddenly easier to write. I grew up in a Mormon family so I was ‘interviewed’ at regular interviews but I am *not* the narrator of the story!

U:  What is your favourite other story in Unthology 4?

C: Oh, that’s hard (but it’s a good question). I enjoyed the whole anthology – I especially liked ‘Finished’ and ‘The Angel’ but my absolute favourite is ‘The Cat.’

U Tell us about yourself and where can we find you?

C: I’m just finishing off a PhD and my debut novel A Song for Issy Bradley will be published by Hutchinson in June 2014.

I’m at, I do a bit of blogging and I have an author page on Facebook.


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