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The wait is over! Very proud to announce that Unthology 10, edited by Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones, is published today.

Unthology 10 Cover

The fanfare continues:

“Unthology 10 is, once again, a carefully and cleverly collated mix of short stories through which a trail can be followed, a trail of change. In each story we see a character touched by an incident that changes them – mostly for the better. This Unthology is, like the nine before it, the sum of its parts – and if you construct using only the best parts then the result has got to be something special and this, once again, excels. The crafting that went into each of these stories is excellent. Well done once again Unthank in finding the very best and putting together yet another brilliant Unthology anthology.” Our Book Reviews


What’s the story?

The story is yours.

“He is mistakening me for someone else.” Brian Coughlan, One for the Ditch

“He lay there imagining his own death.” Elaine Chiew, Confessions of an Irresolute Ethnic Writer

“Temperatures were the hottest on record but Tess wore black and let her skin burn.” Hannah Stevens, The Best Way to Kill a Butterfly

“The baby was another man’s child.” Tracy Fells, Household Gods

“Dirty clouds amassed over an English Channel thst was rising quickly, drowning rocks and turing the sandstone blood red.” Gareth E Rees, When Nature Calls.


Fight or Flight?

Fourteen extraordinary stories from new and established writers, including Tom Vowler, KM Elkes, Jay Merrill, Valerie O’Riordan and more, published today and available from all good booksellers, Wordery and for your Kindle.


Launch Parties

Come and see us and celebrate Unthology in Norwich or London. For full details, see the Unthank blog.






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